PopUp 21 Fantasy Blackjack Launch

Today marks the official release of PopUp 21 Fantasy Blackjack on the Itch.io platform.

The ultimate Blackjack trainer!

PopUp 21 adds a unique gameplay style onto the core mechanics of Blackjack. A deck of playing cards become game characters. Betting tables become kingdoms waiting to be plundered. All the great features are included such as: splitting, double down, surrender, also included is a built-in strategy advisor which aides in your decision making throughout the gameplay.

This is Blackjack unlike you've ever seen. Gone are the days of slow and monotonous gaming sessions where the graphics and interface never change.


PopUp21_win64.zip 110 MB
Sep 18, 2019
PopUp21_win32.zip 106 MB
Sep 18, 2019
PopUp21_osx64.7z 109 MB
Sep 18, 2019
PopUp21_linux64.7z 93 MB
Sep 18, 2019
PopUp21_linux32.7z 96 MB
Sep 18, 2019

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